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Had I only known



That a diet of vegetables, nuts and seeds woul improve my sugar in only a few weeks I'd have done this years ago. Cut the Metformin down to 500 twice a day instead of 1000 twice a day, sugar average down from 178 to 137, and I have lost 4 pounds!

Hopefully once I can get into exercising daily I can cut the meds to 1-500 a day. Not rushing it though. One day at a time and many sticks to decipher exactly what will or won't trigger a rise.

Breakfast old fashioned oats with seeds and nuts. Fasting: 137 ...2 hour : 97! Just had a slice of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast with natural peanut butter and on the way to make a big mixed salad to last for a few days and having a bowl. Cutting down the olive oil and butter. Too much fat!

Dr. Bernard is right and I am living proof of it.


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