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Water without an oar in site



I have water retention plus its going to rain all week. Must be empathy from the sky. Anyhoo

Anyways my ring will not budge, the scale went up 1.2 pounds and my legs hurt all night. The veggies shouldn't be the cause of that so I could fool myself and say it's not due to way to much salt but it is. Veggies without salt. Ugh. I figured if I ate fresh veggies and cooked them myself adding the salt at the table it would be fine. Wrong! Anyway today no salt and lots of water and lemon. We shall see.


Yesterday other than vegetables and nuts I had half an orange, half an apple, a small bag of popcorn, a few chips, one square of dark chocolate, a wasa cracker with peanut butter, sprouted grain toast with yogurt spread and a fried egg. This morning fasting was 112. Metformin 2x500


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