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Had a scare this morning lol



Got up early to bake sliders for church lunch. Well I was rushing around cooking and prepping and doing too much in to short of time and remembered I hadn't taken the sugar reading. Ran over to the counter took it using both meters and it was 280! Needless to say that scared the willies outta me.


I eat some protein, start walking and downing water. Then 5 minutes later it comes to me.....I forgot to wash my hands first. Wash up, use two meters again and its 140. My average fasting. I love this cruddy disease sometimes. Hahaha Nawh I hate it but it did give me a laugh this morning.....after it almost gave me a stroke.


No exercise today. Used my legs too much so I'm skipping a few days plus I have a migrain. Not fun. Blah blah.


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