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i'd love to live inside a cello



I've been pretty sick for the past month this pharyngitis mutated from something else, with being so anaemic my immune system is struggling. So this illness has hit me very hard and I just want to sleep, the body aches don't hurt so much in bed but the back of my throat pays for it, I wake up thinking I've got a million furballs in the back of my throat. I was delirious with a fever the other night and slept walked into my Son's room and had the strangest conversation, he found it fascinatingly amusing.


I would really love to meet a guy and have a deeply profound, dynamic interlude with him...see where things go and be sickingly happy. I really can't handle drama and complicated - - all I want is something that doesn't have to be explained or is difficult to define but somehow he understands this weird woman that freaks easily and has being afraid to let her heart go. Take me by the hand and make me laugh, talk about the strange phenomena in the world, deep philosophy and maybe that interlude develops into an entire symphony. But how can I have this when I'm not even on any dating site, I type in the address click ' join ' then freak and run...they want you to be able to say what you want to neatly fit into their algorithms, but what if you have never being able to defined like that and what you want is indescribable? They don't allow for it, I don't fit into a digital box but I still want to meet him.


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