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The Enchantment of Pandora

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When I close my eyes your everywhere...



My readings have being all over the place as I still battle this virus...I'm trying hard to keep to schedule, I'm not hungry which doesnt help but I still keep trying but I can't get my thoughts past...............................................you...


I don't even know if you'd be reading this, but at times it's like I'm talking directly to you, my thoughts are consumed of you....sometimes so much I can't breathe. I don't want things to be the way they were but I don't want them to be different either. I've gone back to my former love...art, painting actually I've being doing watercolour painting the watercolours I'm using are less then brilliant, they are somewhat lifeless...I've ordered some new ones so I'm hoping that their pigments are alot better. I'm forcing myself to do paintings first as I'm far more accomplished at sketching, painting is forcing me to move outside my comfort zone. Oddly enough, my compositions aren't as jaded as I thought they'd be or maybe I'm waiting for oils!


I'm still feeling sick, my throat hurts and I'm so cold and I wish I was with you, once more...Put the fire on and make one of your special coffee's cuddle up and watch a movie.



singing this song to you, was like a vow...do you remember?


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