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coughs and sneezes, spread diseases



I really don't want to go back to the past, you shouldn't be allowed to blog with a fever. I've still being having fevers and feeling so cold...coming in and out of consciousness and not eating correctly have all taken their toll. I don't know how viruses reactivate but they seem to all the time. I feel drained and I have taken pleasure from doing some watercolour when I can, it's so much fun. I didn't formally learn watercolour but always wanted to try it, so I just picked up the brush and started doing it.


There is alot to learn and thats when I realised my paints were actually not performing as they should and the colour, not great....I am hoping the paints that I recently ordered will be alot better and when I add them to the page behave like a watercolour in illuminace brilliance. I love it so much, it has been along time since I last picked up a brush...it is such a joy, I only wish that I had started painting again, sooner.


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