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what i've being through in my life..., would kill you.



It's almost one year since I was in hospital, this anniversary is poignant as it was when I started taking my diabetes, eating disorder and general health more seriously. Alot has changed in this time...while some areas of my life haven't really changed at all and sometimes it worries me that they haven't improved or changed what is important is that the seriousness of what I've gone through health wise, was the important changes that needed attention and addressing. The other things - can wait.


I struggle with things...life and it's up's and down's just like everyone else does...when I started mediating I thought that I would have monk-like inner peace pretty much straight-away, thats what it seems like on the brochure! I am still on my journey, my soul's journey and I have to remind myself that while great changes are taking place in one area of my life to let go of other things. It's not easy, but nothing rewarding ever is...after going through what I've being through achieving inner peace is my reward, it's what I've being working on accomplishing. Ok, this aside.


You know we are going to die out and probably sooner rather than later...we can't talk to each other some how men and women have lost the ability to be able to communicate with each other; oh, except for when there is a computer though. You could be waving your hand at a guy and he still won't get the hint and talk too you. What is he afraid of...rejection? Hello, what rejection? there isn't any rejection for a guy to be worried about, not anymore, not these days...these are the days when guys can be guaranteed to have no competition, because the other guy has is eyes on his phone flipping through tinder instead of looking at the women that all around him, passing him by.



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