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rich mans war..., poor mans blood



This winter isn't really cold enough, it's mild, there is no need for bundling up with jackets, beanies and scarfs...no, winter is a disappointment. Global warming is stealing my autumn and winter...I love winter its a season where you can snuggle up with a doona, cup of hot chocolate (pre-diabetes) and watch a movie on netflix; it's a season that is full of luminosity maybe I seee the world through my artist eyes but the colours after rain are truly magnificent and you cannot get the same in summer. Winter is a time when I feel my bed is so lonely during summer your sweating so much and it's so hot you don't want to get skin-to-skin to anyone else, winter on the other hand ;)


I'm really enjoying learning about watercolour painting, it's so much fun! I have needed to get back in touch with my creative side and since I've being doing it I know realise how much...omg, why did I wait so long. I get lost in painting and listening to all sorts of music while doing so...the other day I was listening to the harp and other harp-like music lol? I have no idea, but it made sense at the time!! I'll be adding acrylic painting and oils very soon, I'm having so much fun with watercolour right now I just want to explore all techniques with this medium but I will be doing more mixed media in the coming weeks.


I've still got a weird throat, I think I might have to go back to my GP as I'm just not on top of it...still! Every morning and evening it's sore and I'm still addicted to lemon tea. I've also being tired and lightheaded...again, I think my anaemia is getting bad again. This has being such a long road for me, I wish I better now but one thing I've learnt is just because you want it doesn't mean it will happen. My immune system is compromised because of it so things like this sore throat hang around longer because my red blood cells are struggling. My bg levels have being up and down but luckily I have the ability to bring it back into control with insulin.


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