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geting lower, but...

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Well my blood sugars been running around 150-180 range here so far. I did talk to my doctor and he's diving into why my A1C test results were so off and he also wants me to start taking insulin.. :( I guess I'm not very excited about that being that I already on a lot of medication as it is. Otherwise I am really having sugar/carb withdrawals lol. As I can't eat what I like to anymore.. :(

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So a couple of points.


1)  You are averaging over 100 points less than you were when you first posted here not very long ago.  That is some very significant progress.  You should be proud of yourself.  :)


2)  There is no shame in taking insulin.  It is a tool like any other and will help you get back down to more normal numbers quicker.  However, that doesn't mean it has to be permanent.  It may turn out that after a while you might not need it anymore or only need it at reduced levels.


3)  Your doctor can't make you take anything.  With the progress you have showed so far, you can request/insist he give you more time (say 3 months) to see how the diet and lifestyle changes work out.  have another A1C test done with the different lab and see how it turns out.


4)  The sugar/carb withdrawls are temporary.  The longer you stay away from it, the less you will crave it.  It took about 3 months for me until I just no longer cared about bread, pasta, potatoes, and the like.


5)  You will find new foods to love.  Keep yourself open to trying new things or retrying things you didn't think you liked previously.  I found my tasted changed a decent amount.  I now adore things I believed I used to hate (cooked cabbage, zucchini, etc).  Not everything.  I still despise yogurt, pepperoni, and blue cheese.  :D


As I said in #1 above, you have made great progress.  You have every right to be happy with what you have achieved.  :)

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By the way I did get some low carb baking mix that I ordered so I can at least have something that resembles bread. lol I made some muffins but I messed up and forgot the eggs. However it didn't taste too bad considering.

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Firefox - Excellent progress!  Keep at it!  It will take a little time but you will find new comfort foods.  A little over 2 years ago, if future me told me I would be eating zucchini, cauliflowers, squash, and so on for comfort foods, I would have openly scoffed.


At this point, you could hold off on the insulin I think.  You are headed quickly in the right direction.  3 months to see what happens shouldn't hurt.


What foods, specifically, do you miss?

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Milk, bread, and french fries, sweets.. lol pretty much what I can't have.


I did get some low carb flour mix and hopefully that won't be to bad to eat that as bread some.

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Some suggestions.


Fries - might look into turnips.  They are a root vegetable, but with a carb content closer to broccoli.  I haven't tried it myself.  I have tried celery root.  After beaning steamed, I sauteed it with butter, onion, salt, and pepper and I swear it stated like fried potatoes.  But that's a little higher in carbs than I personally like so the serving size wasn't worth it.


Or maybe zucchini fries


Haven't tried these myself but they look good



Ok, she just rules when it comes to low carb sweets



I personally like fat bombs.  They are so quick to make and can satisfy a sweet craving without pushing carbs or protein very high.  There are a ton of recipes out there but my favorite


6 Tbsp Butter

6 Tbsp Coconut Oil

6 Tbsp Peanut butter - the kind which lists only peanuts and salt as ingredients

3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Sweetener to taste


In a large measuring cup, put in first three ingredients.  Nuke in 30 second bursts until its all melted.

Add in cocoa powder and sweetener.  I tend to use Davinci SF vanilla syrup, but splenda or anything else will work just as well.

Mix well, taste, and adjust sweetener as needed.


Poor into molds and freeze for an hour.


I personally use mini muffin tins as my molds.  The recipe above will make 24.  While they don't taste like reeses Peanutbutter cups, I personally think they taste better.  :)


BTW - you can use any nut butter.  Almond is also popular but as much as I like almonds, I don't like almond butter.  Never said I wasn't weird.  :)

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Firefox - Yeah, fries are tough to replace.  I fry up zucchini spears or bake in olive oil.  You could bread them with almond or coconut flour.  The thing about fries, home fries, hash browns that I finally figured out is that I like the oil and the ketchup.  Like pasta, the potato seemed to be the best transport for ketchup.  I still use a little ketchup and there is reduced sugar ketchup that can be found.  Slicing up some mushrooms and including them seems to really make a nice dish with a good mouth feel.


Sweet potato and butternut squash might also work if you find they don't spike you or send you out of your targets.


Every day, I will have Daikon (Chinese turnip), or cauliflower, with zucchini, yellow squash, and mushrooms fried or sauteed in good oil.  Season and, as mentioned above, maybe some ketchup.

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