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blowing it for thanksgiving..

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So tomorrow is thanksgiving and I decided I'm blowing my diet.. I'm going to my Girlfriends sisters for thanksgiving. So I am just afraid to be the one person saying I can't eat 90% of what's there... I wonder what others are doing this Thanksgiving?

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I offer to make/bring a veggie side and then talk them out of some of the turkey drippings to make some gravy for myself.  There's usually more than enough.


So my traditional turkey dinner is a mixture of dark turkey meat and skin (I adore the skin), a generous helping of my my veggie dish, and gravy.  Sometimes I'll make the zesty cheddar biscuits to have as well but I find for the most part I don't really want it anymore.

http://nobunplease.com/zesty-cheddar-biscuits/ - I recommend going a little lighter on the garlic powder



For the gravy

In a sauce pan, put in drippings and heat on medium heat.  As it simmers, add in heavy cream.  Continue to simmer until cream thickens (within 5 minutes usually).  Add seasonings to taste.


Its just Mr Fuzzy (my husband) and I for Thanksgiving this year (YAY!).  I'm making Cornish Game Hens.  Mr Fuzzy will get a thing of pre made mashed potatoes and stuffing (if he wants home made he can make it himself), we'll share the gravy, and I'll make a big veggie dish.


This year I'm still playing with an idea in regards to cauliflower.

Cauliflower broken into popcorn sized pieces (maybe just a wee larger)





Salt, pepper, paprika, smoked paprika, garlic, red pepper flakes

Cook in lard, tallow, ghee, or similar natural fat


In previous years I've done stir fried garlic green beans, or roasted vegetable medley, or similar.  I always make sure I use plenty of fat when cooking the veggies and use plenty of gravy.


I don't normally make a dessert for Thanksgiving, but at Christmas I often do a Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse.  Its really easy to make, takes like 5 minutes to assemble, and in the words of Mr Fuzzy "tastes just like pumpkin pie".  As this comes from Mr Picky Eater, that is high praise.



I've also been looking at these as alternative ideas for a holiday themed dessert




They both look like they would go well with a nice cup of tea after the meal.


And I still haven;'t gotten around to round one on my new idea using macadamia nut butter, coconut oil, butter, and some various spices.  Basically a holiday flavored fat bomb.  Maybe I'll have some time this weekend.


You don't have to cheat to have a nice holiday meal.  :)

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yeah I don't know what to do I guess its easier if I was doing the meal myself, but when your going to another place its hard. sigh..

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well I blew it but sort of weird my BG was only 168 after I got home. That is about normally what its been.

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