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Not Surprised :(

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I am a 28 year old Native woman. I was diagnosed as pre diabetic on nov 28 2009. I wasnt surprised because i have a family history of diabetes. How i found out was i was ill for 3 weeks with nausea feeling, really tired, i could drink 2 litre pops like nothing usually 2 bottles a day and using the bathroom alot. I left from work one day and ask my boyfriend to take me to emergency. We got to the emerge doors and seen a huge line up i said nevermind lets just go to a walk in clinic. We got to the clinic and it was empty. I let the doctor know that i have been feeling like **** for 3 weeks and that i suspected it was Diabetes almost automatically.

The doctor did the urine test and as i suspected he found sugar. :(

he put me on metformin and i made a appointment to see my family doc for asap.

My boyfriend and i went to the pharmacy to get the glucose meter and my metformin presciption. I sat there not even really listening to the pharmaist explaining how to use the meter.

I didnt even know what to ask about it, my partner did all the question asking.

I was taking 1 pill 2x a day.

i was so shocked when i first checked my Blood sugar.

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