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Lantus switch

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Along with switching to a new regular insulin, now I have switched to using Lantus twice a day instead of once. I am using around 12 units before bed and 12 in the morning. This morning I had a 109, the day before it was 101, the day before that fasting blood sugar was 122. That is a lot better than I was doing. I was waking up around 150 or more a few weeks ago.

I worked out hard yesterday with the weights. I was a little afraid I would drop too low and not be able to test since I realized when I got to the gym that I had only one test strip left. Maybe I shouldn't be that paranoid, but I have been taking my meter in with me to the gym just in case and checking before and after I work out. It seems I can drop as much as 80 points due to exercise. It also seems to help me stay more even throughout the day.

Plan on going back to gym today to work out with elliptical machine.



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