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Hainan rainstorm

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Hainan rainstorm

This National air max bw Day holiday, 49 years in hainan province, the strongest attacks more rain water, inner city appear such serious situation. According to the latest situation of hainan province PRC quoted SanFangBan preliminary statistics, by 7 at noon, province, city 16 townships 166 victims submerged or trapped, the crops 94.3 thousand hectares, the affected population transfer of 164.8 million, $21.3 million people, death, air max classic 1 and 3 missing were more than 580 houses, direct losses has reached emergency 1.13 billion yuan.According to the national natural disaster relief, national emergency preplans for mitigation committee, the ministry of civil affairs on October 7, 8:45 national level in hainan disaster relief start working, and emergency response to the disaster areas to help develop dispatched relief work.After the disaster, air shoes hainan provincial party committee, the flood-fighting disaster relief work deployment of emergency and disaster mitigation in provincial civil administration office emergency response to start level, working, and sent to the disaster area emergency relief camps and uncertain 50 top 20 million yuan of clothes, value, candles and convenient food to help victims of the basic life difficult to solve.

6, 8 night, nike bw hainan province held flood relief teleconference on the flood control and disaster relief work, then deployment. Hainan TingJu principal and all related to sanya city, such director qionghai report at the meeting.Furthermore hainan province, said lee deputy commissioner of highway, nike requin eastern and western badly damaged 2 highway damage, 2 road, 8 of provincial roads, county were damaged 26. Currently, the western highway to repair the north channel of hainan island. 6 pier railway passenger evacuation of basic later.requin nike QiongHaiShi leadership, said JiaJiZhen, boao town, tan door town is still serious flood emergency situation. The mayor says, sanya yong sanya economic loss of 1 billion yuan.National Day golden week and hainan have many tourists. Hainan provincial governor assistant, LvYouWei LiuZhiYuan director said that at present, visitors to transfer the basic evacuated in wuzhishan mountain BaWangLing, requin tn etc.Hainan water hall, the reserves of 1079 reservoirs added the rain, the capacity of 79% water-holding capacity, 214 reservoirs, 4 reservoir flood risks.

Hainan LuoBaoMing tn requin governor at the request of the functional departments and county leadership must take the lead in the first arrived at the scene, security personnel safety first. Recently, to reinforce the traffic trunk lines of repair, set up the villagers live, flooded villages, ensure production power operation, timely report the meteorological information, BuMiao guarantee winter melon dish drainage. LuoBaoMing emphasizes on the reservoir, recently to make a thorough census, the condition for strengthening, prevent hidden base, reservoir burst.According to not complete count, hainan province stranded village has over 700. air rift According to SanFangBan hainan province, the relevant responsible part, rain too centralized county, DingAn magna bloc, qionghai, haikou city, etc, and part of the village submerged condition is very serious, QiongHaiShi six hours of 400 mm, urban rainfall flooded almost entirely.It introduces the continuous rain, hainan NaDuJiang, WanQuanHe, LingShui river rivers appear super cordon water, local government and relevant departments according to the danger of emergency will live in low-lying areas along the river, the masses of safety. Part of the reservoir flood limit water level to the flood has started, the department has been sent to domestic reservoir take 24-hour all-weather monitoring. At present, hainan province of has more than 52 billion cubic meters.


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