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The unmanned

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The unmanned

Several weeks ago, north face denali Google CEO Eric schmidt was rare in a speech about network - car. Nowadays, Google and automobile really happened. In the official Google blog, 9 company announced that are developing automatic driving a car to prevent traffic accidents and reduce carbon emissions. This technology has been conducted in the road test drive cars, but Google listed at least need eight years of time.Schmidt was in San Francisco, the meeting said: "the invention of the automobile time to precede computer. We should make cars driving, this will be more meaningful.But according to the New York times reported 9, denali jacket Google has long been developed in secret car drive project. This company in his blog officially announced that it has developed car driving technology, automatic and in California highway test, this technology in computer or lab instead.

Google engineers north face kids grande seba steen, interpretation, said: "with well-trained operators in the circumstances, we have to drive a car from the mountain city headquarters office, then open before monica again on Hollywood boulevard. This automatic driving along the street was running through the golden gate bridge, then along the Pacific coast highway driving, and even driving around lake tahoe. In short, we be driving the car so far has 14 million miles of mileage, christian laboutin we think this is the first step of robot research."It is reported, current 750 driverless car without manual intervention was driving under the circumstance of automatic Google and 1,000 miles (14 million miles... car trip mileage includes occasional someone driving control section), these include Toyota Prius improved edition, in addition to an audi TT.The use of video camera be driving a car, radar, laser range finder sensor and to understand the surrounding Google in traffic, and their own map navigation. All through the Google data center, data centers around the car can collect information related to the terrain.A car accident happened only

Google said, louboutin boots in order to promote drive cars, this company has hired project from "American defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA)" challenge Challenges of some of the best engineers, the challenge is the U.S. government organization of a series of automatic driving competition, these engineers to help Google with crucial gram difficult. Chris urmson is to win the 2007 of Carnegie Mellon university city challenge technical team principals, christian louboutin boots mike Montgomery mei ROM is to win the big challenge in 2005 at Stanford university team software. In addition, the team and Anthony lai million, in his great challenge of developing the DARPA global first automated driving motor, he still had a Toyota prius be modified, so the unmanned cases sent pizza.Google said its drive car project concerns the primary problem of course is safety. Google has been equipped with automatic driving cars, mbt shoes these trained operators will always follow the operator, responsible for monitoring software operating conditions. In all, before the test driver, Google will send driving cars and understanding, then these roads, road markers and traffic signs, etc, thus adding control software to help on-board software grasps surroundings and special place.From the present situation of the test drive cars, Google effect is obvious. To date only happen once accident, but are other rear-end collision. Google said that, at present, the relevant channel die each year the number of road accidents has reached 120 million. Google said, by means of technology to the data will be cut in half. They have to notify the relevant to the local police.CJJ

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