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Diabetes; The Blessings Behind The Challenge

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I always say that becoming a Diabetic has been one of my greatest blessings.




Well you need to learn the before and after in order to understand that statement.


Before I became a Diabetic I thought of myself as a “health nut”. I was extremely active, ate a lot of greens and stayed away from high fructose corn syrup.




I was the stereotypical dancer who walked around with poor body image and did whatever it took to become and stay skinny.


I binged regularly and then took laxatives to get rid of the food. I exercised on top of the hours of dancing I did and feared every morsel of food I ate.


Then Diabetes happened.


I all of a sudden became aware of my detrimental behavior. Food became the focus of my life and fixing myself was my priority.


I knew bingeing was out of the question, but most importantly I began to take a closer look at my relationship with food. I realized how unhealthy I was living and knew I had make a huge transformation.


This is when my search for a cure began. I went on a rampage search to rid Diabetes from my body. What followed was profound and miraculous.


With each expert and healer I worked with, I learned another aspect of nutrition, food as well as a deeper understanding of myself.


I began to realize I viewed food as my enemy and felt broken each time I ate. I walked around with intense feelings of inadequacy, which is what led to my bingeing.


Once I discovered my inner deamons, I was able to heal them and the bingeing completely stopped. It was replaced with conscious eating habits, an awareness of how the food affects me and a purpose to what I ate and how.


Once I did that my sugars became normal and my weight slid off my body effortlessly.


It started with my mindset. I needed to shift my views of food from my enemy to my healing energy. I needed to shift my view of myself from broken to beautiful and perfect.


when I changed how I looked at things, my whole life began to change. It brought about different behavior,which in turn brought about a different result.


The main thing to remember is understanding why you do what you do. When you understand this, you can begin to choose a different behavior if the first one does not serve you.


Become conscious of your actions and the reasons behind them. Decide if they are serving your life right now and if they don’t then create a new action step. Don’t simply get rid of the negative pattern. You need to replace it with a positive one.


“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wanye Dyer.

I would love your thoughts on my post and website. As a diabetic is what I'm offering helpful? check out.

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