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"D" is Driving me Nuts

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I think it's cool that you've been diagnosed since 98 and still have enough pancreas power for glimepride to still generally be effective for you. I suppose it has been effective as those A1Cs say something has been working. :)


Anyway' date=' I was diagnosed something like 1993 (oddly I don't remember) but am sure I had ragingly high BG and A1C for at least two years before that. So I, too, [i']mostly[/i] feel like I've got it all figured out. However, there are those inexplicably high and inexplicably low BGs that surprise us now and then. I usually just gripe to my spouse something like, "Why the heck is my BG so high?" or "I am so flipping lucky I ate that bowl of oatmeal and cup of yogurt and look how fine my BG is."


Some times I just have to jog my memory, puzzle over it, gripe, try to remember if it is like any other incidence, and then just move along, not worrying about it so long as I can get the BG back to a good level.


Have you been able to test often enough to see if there is a slow trend up and/or down, or whether the changes seem quite sudden?


I have not looked up verapimil interactions and side affects, but if I were you, I certainly would.


Do you need help with ideas for other things that might make BG go up?



I did discover an American cheese I was using had 2 carbs per slice. That was taking my breakfast carbs to over 30.

I am finding if I go over 25 carbs per meal I run into trouble.

I also think the glimiperided may not be as effective over night. My doctor has me taking much less in the evening than in the morning so I am thinking that may be a problem.

I will continue to monitor and really count the carbs more closely.

Slippery thanks for the encouraging words. I appreciate it.

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