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Life as a pin cushion

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A little about me

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the optimist


G'day fellow pin cushions!


Seeing as this is my first blog I figured I should tell you all a little about me. That way we can all feel like friends as once we feel like friends we can talk about all the things we're too afraid to talk about in person.


So to start off, I'm a 21 year old student from Ontario, Canada. I was diagnosed when I was 16, a week to the day after my 16th birthday (thankfully i got to enjoy my birthday cake). It was a **** of a shock to myself and my mom (although she says she knew the whole time, thanks for the heads up eh mom!). Anyways, so I went to the doctors and they tested my sugar and said I was 25.7 I was then given a pee cup and told to pee, pretty embarassing for a 16 year old girl (i know there are others like me out there who would rather give blood then pee in a cup). To make matters worse, when I came out of the bathroom toting my cup o'pee i ran right into a very good looking police officer (cue the awkwardness and flushed cheeks). So for the following 3 days i was on lockdown within the hospital, they wouldnt let me go outside for a walk for fear I would faint.. I pretty much had to bribe a nurse for me just to stand outside. So after I was released from the hospital I was sent down to a larger hospital where I endured 4 days of intense training.

At this training I was interviewed by a resident doctor who, in the presence of my mom and my aunt, proceeded to ask me if I was lactating. I guess he was trying to ask if I was pregnant and thought, you know instead of asking her if she's pregnant I'll be sly and ask if she's lactating. So when i gave him a shocked, blank state he then interpreted that as I didn't know what lactating was and went on to describe it.. most embarassing moment!


So now that you know a little about how/when I was diagnosed I'll just give you a brief insight into what who I am now. I am just finishing my last year of University and am planning on applying to the RCMP (for those of you not from Canada, the RCMP stands for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, our national police force).


so I hope you come back and read more of my blogs. I'm going to be talking about the issues that no one likes to talk about (relationships, careers, futures, hopes dreams, fears) you name i'll talk about it.


Embrace your inner pin cushion!

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