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Coming Home

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My project in Newfoundland is done, I fly home tonight.


Project is a success. The work was pretty easy though. It wasn't very stressful at all. The most stressfull part was looking for work on several days.


I don't feel like writing much, so I'll point form things:


- took bus for first 8 weeks; then the bus strike Nov 4 forced me to rent a car. Bosses won't be happy, but pfft.

- Hurricane Igor was fun, really. I'm now impressed with hurricanes.

- Wrote a novel. It's not done, not even close, but I won NaNoWriMo by writing 52265 words in November. I met some fine young writers in the process.

- I also met some fine old writers including Mirriam Toews who was here for a reading at The Ship Pub.

- I fell in love with the city of St. John's Newfoundland. It's a happening place.

- I hate hotel beds. I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow.

- Met a fine endocrinologist, Dr. Carol Joyce who does some cool research with pumpers. All her pumpers basal test and have at least eight different rates. :) We partially agree on diet. She'll change ;)

- Diabetes is rampant here, highest T1 rates in Canada.

- Never saw a moose, but heard warnings about them on the TCH nearly every morning.

- One heck of a city to drive in. It is not built on a grid!

- Snowed three times. While Toronto got three feet in one day, we got a bit of rain. It rains every day here at some point. I never saw any frost. Weather was gorgeous. Bring on global warming!

- Sugars were mostly great. Current 14 day avg = 6.1. I'm sure there was at least one bad day in there with a bad set. NO BAD HYPOS! I did go through half a bottle of dex 4's. I seem to remember a 3.3 mmol/l (59). I was 3.5 (63) last night 2hrs after dinner. No sleeping hypos!

- Got a modest travel bonus and free food and gas for 90 days. My wallet is a little happier.

- Daughter moved home and wife had the bathroom and master bedroom re-done.

- My new computer parts are waiting for me! Athlon 1090T 6 core, modest yet great for BOINCing.

- Being one of the first in North America to see the sun each day is kind of weird feeling.

- Did a little sight seeing. Pics below.


Cape Spear. Can't walk any furrther east than this. Hi Dave, Azz, and everyone else out there!



Cape Spear



View of St. John's. Mile One is the arena. The big building on top is The Rooms



More city


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