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Understanding How Insulin Response Works

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In the hopes of understanding insulin response' date=' the effect of carbs and other nutrients on diet and getting BG under control, I have decided to experiment on myself.


I hope others find this interesting and if no one does, I will stop posting.


The experiment is this. Take a simple easily replicated meal and use it as the base, over time, for making small changes in order to discover how diet affects BG.


Obviously, this is intensely personal, all of us are different, but it is my hope that illuminating my experience will help others.


First, the meal parameters:


3 meals per day

Each meal to be near 500-600 calories.

% of calories from fat equal to or greater than 60%

Maximum carbs for any meal is 30g

Eat each meal 4 times in a row and then make change.

Nutrients noted in grams C/F/P (Carbs/Fats/Protein)


Blood Glucose testing parameters:

4 tests

pre-meal, 1hr post meal, 2hr post meal and 3 hr post meal.


Initial Meal

2 Slices Arnold's Bakery Lite 100% Whole Wheat - C-18/F-0/P-5

6 oz Hebrew National Salami - C-3/F-39/P-24

Meal total - 551 calories - C-21/F-39/P-29 - C 15%/F 64%/P 21%


Results (minimum/maximum/average)

pre-meal 91/123/109

1hr 135/143/138

1hr rise 20/45/29

2hr 130/142/135

3hr 116/123/119

Based on the premise that 1 gram of carbohydrates yields 5mg/dL of BG rise, this meal has an effective rise of 105 point.


Observations: I seem to have some remaining Phase I insulin response that can cover approximately 15 grams of carbohydrate in a meal. The rest shows up as BG. My Phase II response seems to be quite impaired as BG fails to fall until after 2 hours. The fat may also be slowing the absorption of the carbohydrates. The total number of carbs is probably too high and/or the types of carbs is too high.




Meal 2 will replace the bread with my V8 Bread Substitute

My V8 drink is 8 ounces of low sodium V8 with 1 Tbl of olive oil and 1 Tbl of ground flax seed.


This will reduce the overall carbs from the meal by 5 grams, increase the fat by 11 grams and reduce the protein by 1 gram.


Anticipated results: I should see lower BG numbers from the reduction in carbs.


Results to follow...[/quote']

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