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5 or 6 weeks pregnant, high A1C, care

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Hi' date=' my wife just found out she is pregnant. She is about 5 or 6 weeks. We know that her A1C level going into the pregnancy is around 9. Has anybody here been in this situation and have had a successful pregnancy? She is now taking a lot better care of herself to bring her A1C down. We are just a little concerned on what we should expect. We just found out she was pregnant and have a schedule with the doctor tomorrow to see what they will tell us. Thank you, appreciate any feedback.


Also does anybody have advice on how to lower the A1C quickly.[/quote']


oh another thing I'm pregant with my second child i"m 13 weeks pregnant and been on insulin for like 2 months now my a1c when I first found out i was pregnant was 7.8 and than in nov it was 7.3 and i just got my results back this month it's down to 6.5 so much hard work but it's all worth it but my bs for the past week or so been kinda high because i've been off metformin before i was inject insulin and on metformin but I can't take that throughout the entire pregnancy so yea I hope everything will be ok and I can get myself in control. The nurse practicitor told me that she seen many people with 7.5 a1c throughout the pregnancy have healthy babies so dont stress and do ur best think positive i know u can do it! it might be hard but it's worth it to have a healthy baby.

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