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  2. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    Dear ModCarb, What a joy it is to see your post today. With no word from you, we knew things were dire. Very glad you came out of that nightmare and back into our welcoming fold!! Looking forward to following your improvement and recovery. Sending much love, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Janice
  3. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    @modcarb - It is wonderful to see you again! Welcome back! What an ordeal! I MISSED you! ~ Mike
  4. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Sunday, November 12: 5:35 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 118 Breakfast: avocado, AmyLu Andouille chicken sausage, chopped collard greens, coffee with heavy cream. 1/4 bar Montezuma's Absolute Black 10:00 AM (snack): 1.5 oz. Irish whiskey 10:45 AM (snack): Carbmaster black forest cake yogurt 11:00 AM (still hungry): 11:55 AM (before lunch): 90 Lunch: 2 oz. pastrami, 1/4 cup mixed nuts, low-carb pumpkin ice cream with whipped cream 4:20 PM (snack): Sweet Freedom vanilla crunch bar [if you're wondering about why these appear all of a sudden: the building I work in had to shut off the power a week or so ago, and these were in the office freezer, so I took them home. They have a mix of sugar and sugar alcohols, and don't seem to upset my blood sugar level] 5:47 PM (before dinner): 97 Dinner (at a Mexican restaurant): Corona Light, innards of two grilled fish tacos, side salad (cilantro-lime dressing), 1/4 cup black beans (my max) 8:52 PM: 105 Then: 1.5 oz. Crown Royal salted caramel Canadian whisky [4 grams of carbs] Average for the day: 103 Macronutrients: 91 grams carbs (28 grams fiber), 118 grams fat, 96 grams protein Calories: 2,055
  5. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    I'm BACK!! It has been a rough two and a half months. I continued to have problems after the heart ablation. On Oct. 2nd I had appointments with both my surgeon and lung specialist. Had to have my left lung drained for second time and then was admitted to the Heart Hospital with severe cellulitis among other things. I spent 10 days there followed by a month in a nursing home rehab facility. Relearned to walk with OT and PT using a walker. I had to regain my strength and energy back. The facility had a top notch therapy division but diet wise?? All they did was a regular diet--nothing diabetic so my BGs were horrible. They put me on Humalog even though I am allergic to insulin hoping I could stave off the itching until they could get the cellulitis healed. I still ran in the 300-400s. Yes the food was that bad. Lots of breaded entrees and potatoes. You could sub a Chef salad so I did that a lot and still ran high numbers. I started in rehab at 288# and got down to 269.8 in a month. Lots of water weight to lose. They finally decided to release me and I got home last night. Scales still showed 269.8 so that will be my new starting point. I still have some of the cellulitis so having to wrap my lower legs with ABD pads and gauze. BUT I am so glad to be home.
  6. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    90 today. @adiantum, thank you, the happy dance 💃💃is appreciated. She is doing so well post surgery, I have to remind her to slow down. So for now, we'll happy 💃💃💃until the next hurdle. @Diana_CT that was so funny, I laughed out loud😂
  7. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    109 today
  8. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    87 this morning.
  9. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    112 which is hi for me, but I live in San Francisco and the smoke from the fires is really bad. Air Quality equal to Beijing !! So even with a mask, very limited outside activity. Even the indoor pools have closed. (Indoor pools require a lot of outside air to be pumped in to vent the chlorine out) So not much activity. Binge watching tv and staying inside, and. Of course the kitchen is really handy. So not great numbers.
  10. Lifting Weights

    That recent published study of intermittent intensity in exercise showed improved insulin sensitivity after 3 months. I see spikes w weight training but am experimenting for 3 months to see if the overall improvement is the result. I get a spike w intense lifting (dead lifts, squats) but lowered BG with 30 min of walking. Everything about resistance training makes sense.
  11. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    103 I was attending an anniversary party yesterday as I was putting a frosting laden fork full of cake in my mouth, who stops by to say "Hi" my endo
  12. Daily Chat

    Another chapter of the breadfruit tree.
  13. I just started trying this frozen veggie mix. 1 net carb. Organic broccoli, peas, French Green Beans and Zucchini quarters. Add one piece of bacon and you are all set. 3 carb, 2 Fiber, 0 sugar. happy
  14. Armistice Day

    Thanks for your community service it’s really needed and appreciated. However you need to work on those stats. I don’t think 20 Vietnam veterans commit suicide daily. There just aren’t enough of us still around anymore. Change that to all veterans including those still active military and I could maybe believe it.
  15. Armistice Day

    don, thanks to your generosity and for making us aware of such a group, I am now able to make small donations to the Young Diggers Dog Squad.
  16. Made a video about running with diabetes

    Good video bud! I usually just keep it between 3-5 miles 5x per week with one longer run, 8-10 miles once per week. I’m alright with the shorter runs, start around BG 100 and end up mid to high 70’s. Longer runs I have to take a bar or tablets with me because around seventh mile I start to dip low. Personally not a fan of running, was a hockey player, but realize the importance of it and just bang it out. Again good video and thanks for sharing!
  17. Yesterday
  18. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Saturday, November 10: 7:26 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 118 Breakfast: leftover 1/2 of chicken queso burrito, avocado, coffee with heavy cream 11:15 AM (snack): Carbmaster banana cream pie yogurt 1:00 PM-ish (snack): 1 oz. Irish whiskey 2:24 PM (before lunch): 98 Lunch: 2.5 oz. pepperoni, Sweet Freedom vanilla crunch, Michelob Ultra Light 4:50 PM (snack): 1.5 oz. salted caramel Crown Royal (Canadian whisky) 6:21 PM (before dinner): 87 Dinner: toppings off three slices of pizza, coffee with heavy cream 9:42 PM: 101 Average for the day: 101 Macronutrients: 66 grams carbs (15 grams fiber), 142 grams fat, 82 grams protein Calories: 2,094
  19. Armistice Day

    For the past four Veterans Days, our community has launched a fund failing campaign to finance the cost of a service dog through K9s for Warriors for a veteran suffering with PTSD. The training of the dog and the vet costs $15,000. Approximately 20 American Vietnam vets commit suacide daily. At today’s annual Veterans Day celebration, we announced that we had collect over $20,000 for our fifth dog. However, before the luncheon concluded, we had a surprise visit from Jeff Noris, a local radio personality and comedian who had sponsored a similar fund raising show the previous night and had raised an additional $8,000 which he donated to our campaign, bringing our total to over $28,000. We are well on our way to funding our Sixth dog.
  20. amount of blood glucoe increase with meals

    No adverts. Just a notification that someone has reacted to what you said in case you didn't notice it at the top of the page. 1 click and it's gone. Not a very serious problem
  21. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    this 8 is enough to cause a girl a stroke but I remember the 1/ bag of cashews I stuffed into last night. FunDad you must be an expert at moving houses by now. Just packing things in boxes is a big deal for me.
  22. amount of blood glucoe increase with meals

    how do i permanently stop this popup about notifications? other forums do not have that. is it just more adverts?
  23. amount of blood glucoe increase with meals

    thanks all. on metformin 3x500 think they may be interfering with the B12 absorption!
  24. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    110 this cold morning.
  25. Armistice Day

    24 million soldiers of every nationality died in WW2 and my uncle was among them. He was buried in Holland. Canada keeps a book in our Federal Parliament building with all the names of the soldiers that died. Every day a new page is turned. I visited that room once and learned my uncle's page was displayed on Nov. 11th. They will print the page if you want it. I had it printed and gave it to Gram. She was pleased that Canada remembered her first born son. I wonder if the world learned anything from all that death and destruction. To tell the truth I don't think one thing was learned because we continue on the same path
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