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    It's all happening here... The dog left the door open.. a fly buzzed in & went straight into a cobweb in the corner of the window. The spider quickly came out for lunch just as a bird was passing outside. The bird crashed into the window for a spider or fly lunch . Bird fell to the ground dazed but OK enough to fly off. If only that dog would close the screen door behind him.
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  4. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Wednesday, September 19 (Yom Kippur fast): 6:35 AM: 123 9:29 AM: 110 3:34 PM: 94 5:56 PM (before dinner): 94 Dinner: 1/2 the innards of a chicken queso burrito, low-carb blueberry ice cream 8:02 PM: 102 Average for the day: 105 Macronutirents: 15 grams carbs (3 grams fiber), 37 grams fat, 27 grams protein Calories: 590
  5. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    96, my first double digit for the week. @Diana_CT keep the faith, you'll soon be back to your old self, you can and will do it.
  6. I thought since this was a bit of a change from my previous post I would start a new one. The reason for that is, is that after a few months of trying to see lower numbers after eating to little effect with any carb intake, I now have some farther observations I am pleased to mention. A couple weeks ago by now I started to see that if I ate something that simply raised my numbers significantly, now I am getting different results. The first thing I noticed was that when we go out to dinner on friday nights I avoided the whole wheat toast since bread or crackers had been running my meals upward of 180 to 190. One night I was curious if having cut back significantly for a while if I might see a different result. If I am recalling right that evening my omelet with bacon and cheese and some cantaloupe instead of home fries was 112. Then since my experiments with Steel Cut Oats for breakfast seemed to also be coming in lower than I expected to see. The first few times I tired to go back to cold cereal I got in the 150s with only about a fourth a cup of bran flakes. My over night fasting readings had been running from 98 to 115 some mornings. But after the Steel cut oats and a almond flour muffin with sugar free syrup and a few turkey sausages and yogurt I often was getting numbers from 5 to 10 points lower than the fasting readings. The past week I got brave and started to eat around a half a cup of bran flakes with raisins and blue berries, yogurt and part muffin. Today I had even more cereal and when I got up my morning read was 98 but after breakfast I had a 94! This all makes me rather wonder how this is all working out. A couple of times when for some reason I ate something rather high carb the day before the morning reads were among the lowest. I also recall seeing in the other thread that sometime your pancreas after a rest can return to some balance as far as carb intake goes. I have been concerned that the egg, sausage, and cheese and heavy meat intake could cause my heart issues trouble. Lately when I walk after a about 15 minutes I am getting an odd feeling in my chest an a slight odd feeling in my left arm. I know what that may mean! I think after 15 years of watching my fat intake fairly well this new diet may have cause some clogging of arteries. I guess I am going to have to have that checked out soon. Living in a rural area the hospitals aren't the best with limited care. Worse in many ways is when they ship you to large city hospitals that have double rooms throughout plus having high incidents of those nasty untreatable infections. Trying to balance one for the other isn't easy. Because of this worry I have limited my intake of meats somewhat and not so many eggs daily. One good thing about it is I was rather tired of cooking things before I could eat, I am one to crawl out of bed and head for the breakfast table. Larry
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  8. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    6.2 at 8.30am I guess its coming down from the DP
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    Hi Kit, I know what you mean. There has been (and is) a lot of turmoil around me, too. Hoping that will calm down a bit by the end of the year. I have not been a good diabetic this year, esp in the last couple of months. Hoping to start turning that around soon, but in the meantime I have a checkup scheduled today that will tell me just how bad I've been. PT on my knee finally seems to be helping. I can usually manage half a mile now without pain. Not sure what the upper limit is on a good day. The hubs was out of work for much of the last year and finally got a new job. The catch is he has to get up at 4:30 to get to it on time. Being a light sleeper, that now means I get up at 4:30, too. Still trying to adjust to that and rejigger the rest of my life to fit. I'm hoping to sneak in some good new habits while everything is in disarray. I think I'm going to ask the doc for a prescription for the Freestyle Libre. My insurance won't cover it -- at least I don't think it will -- but I've wanted to try one ever since I heard about them. Might wait till the weather is a bit cooler to get it, though, since I've heard the sensors don't stay adhered as well if you're sweaty. Just made some chia pudding for a snack. I got some new cinnamon last weekend and I either forgot how much I used to use or didn't compensate for it being fresh. (It's been a while since I've made it.) The whole area smells like cinnamon now.
  10. Daily Chat

    Either my BG is good or my weight is good. no balance in my life.
  11. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    157.2, hanging in there.
  12. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    another 110 day for me. ?!? can't be the 44 morning temp.
  13. Oriana Why don't you try making meatloaf? Mix hamburger, along with a bit of mustard, pickle relish, A-1 or some sause, along with onion and bread crumbs if desired. Bake for 1 hour at 350. degrees. Then, when cooled, cut loaf into meal sizee pieces and freeze. You can have meatloaf any time and it is still good days or a week later. Yummy.
  14. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    @Oriana - Interesting article. When I was obese, one reason I chose not to change at the time was fear of dieting. I didn't want to be hungry all the time. When I first came here, I shared my breakfast expecting to be scorned and shamed. Other than the tortillas I ate, I was commended upon it. The adjustment advised was to replace the tortillas with healthier carbs (non-root) vegetables. Fortunately, I have always liked vegetables. They saved me. I eat more vegetables than anything now.
  15. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    90 this morning.
  16. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    121 @Diana - Hang in there. Some days are easy, some aren't. Don't beat yourself up over it. We do what we can do and live life. Feels more like July outside than late September.
  17. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    First reading 74 ??? Second reading immediately afterwards 111.
  18. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    https://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/everything-you-know-about-obesity-is-wrong/ I'm rethinking doing low carb now bc this article points out that dieting ruins your metabolism which makes you gain back more weight than you lost. I have found this. My weight threshold keeps getting higher everytime I do low carb then even eat a tiny bit of more carbs. I think I need to do more health eating and exercising which I know is a battle for me.
  19. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    A 78 (4.33) on the Bayer Contour meter, and a 69 (3.82) on the Bayer Contour Next EZ meter. Diana, if you like Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, try mixing it with diet root beer.
  20. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Tuesday, September 18: 5:12 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 121 Breakfast: AmyLu Andouille chicken sausage, coffee with heavy cream (2 cups) 11:07 AM (before lunch): 112 Lunch: salad (leftover steak, tomato, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, crumbled feta) 6:31 PM (before dinner): 104 Dinner: chicken-vegetable soup, 2.45 oz. President brie, glass red wine 9:03 PM: 105 Average for the day: 111 Macronutrients: 33 grams carbs (6 grams fiber), 73 grams fat, 83 grams protein Calories: 1,347
  21. Daily Chat

    Hi Stl-T2. Its been a while. Nice to see you stopping in again. I'm still on track. I halved my metformin dose since my July labs. Keeping my fingers crossed. Now if the people around me could stop having emergencies.
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  23. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    Ran, I wouldnt worry too much about it , unless you notice life insurance company fliers & travel brochures around the house. * evil giggle*
  24. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    My favorite is Milano Dark Chocolate, passed on it.
  25. Daily Chat

    Hey Stl-T2, it is good to see you!
  26. Daily Chat

    G'day Stl-T2 'tis good to see you again. Have you been having an awesome time?
  27. Daily Chat

    Hi All, Long time, no see. Just popping in to say hi for now. Seems like it's been about a year since I've been on here. How is everyone?
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