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    Kit, if you need that jar soon,you could pour that coconut oil in a plastic bag & store it in the fridge so it remains solid
  3. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Wednesday, May 23: 4:52 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 100 Breakfast: avocado, Carbmaster peach yogurt, kale, coffee 9:09 AM: 106 11:38 AM (before lunch): 107 Lunch: salad (salmon, 3 hard-boiled eggs, mayo, lettuce), 1/4 bar Montezuma's Absolute Black 2:50 PM: 111 4:31 PM (before snack): 103 Snack: Trader Joe's handful dry roasted almond 7:10 PM (before dinner): 92 Dinner: 5 oz. Charles Shaw White Zinfandel, grilled Louisiana hot, grilled mushrooms, lettuce and tomato, low-carb chocolate/peanut butter, 1/4 cup mixed nuts 10:06 PM: 95 Average for the day: 102 Macronutrients: 72 grams carbs (36 grams fiber), 132 grams fat, 88 grams protein Calories: 1,982
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  5. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    An 81 (4.5) on my Bayer Contour meter, and a 94 (5.22) on my Bayer Contour Next EZ meter. Well, I've had it with this computer....it's just dying, and I'm not going to invest any more money in it. I ran a Windows Diagnostics test on it, and it said that there were problems with the hardware....then the diagnostics locked up. I just ordered another computer, so hopefully, I'll get it soon, and I can retire this computer. I was happy to find a company that will build me the computer that I want. I used to shop at Dell, but they no longer build you the computer you want, they just show you what they have to offer. The new computer, sadly will be running Windows 10 Professional (I hate Windows 10). It will have 16 GB of RAM (I had hoped for 24 GB, but 16 will suffice), three, 2 TB hard drives, two DVD drives, 8 USB ports, a high end sound card, a high end video card, an Intel Core i5-8600K (6-Core) 3.60GHz processor, a 1,000 watt power supply, and an ethernet card for my cable modem. Once I get this new system and get it set up, it will be nice to be able to just boot up the computer and have it work, as opposed to trying to boot up this system 2-3 times to get it to boot up properly, only to have it lock up on me when I'm in the middle of something.
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    Canopy was looking good? they are fine I'm sure. 83 here, I wouldn't mind one here.
  7. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    86 mg/dl , Poets day .
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  9. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    79!!! I've set a new record. I know it's not the aroma of dead cat, so I'm wondering if it's CBD. Whatever it is, I'll take that and ask for more 😁😂
  10. Lakefront Property

    A lava lake to be sure, but lakefront property nonetheless.... https://youtu.be/809Cuv4TjnQ View full article
  11. Lakefront Property

  12. Daily Chat

    Ran, did you hear me calling the other day? I was erecting a cheap canopy & it must've looked like a comedy skit. I swear these things were meant to be put up by two people & not just one. I'd get the poles connected only to have those on the opposite side separate. I looked at my dog & said ..... " Honey !!!... hold the other side together for me." I know it wasnt in the instructions but I taped every join to prevent them separating again.
  13. Daily Chat

    Not sure why I thought I could change out the spark plugs on a 2007 V6 at 64 yrs. Managed one side, then the driver's side was a problem. My Toyota truck forum helped with that. then: Lemon sparkling water (sugar free) and Saki over ice. It does run a lot better.
  14. Volcano dangers

    Even "drive-up" volcanoes as Kilauea has sometimes been referred to can be dangerous... http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/05/24/hawaii-news/puna-man-just-wanted-to-live-after-nearly-losing-leg-to-lava-bomb/ View full article
  15. Volcano dangers

    Even "drive-up" volcanoes as Kilauea has sometimes been referred to can be dangerous... http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/05/24/hawaii-news/puna-man-just-wanted-to-live-after-nearly-losing-leg-to-lava-bomb/
  16. flavored carbonated water

    I like Sparkling Ice and the Safeway branded version. Nuun makes berry flavored electrolyte replacement tablets that you drop in a bottle of water and they fizz (like alka-seltzer). They don't taste very good but they work at electrolyte replacement with minimal carbs. My doctor insists regular sports drinks like Gatorade are fine since I will just burn up the glucose but I find I don't need them so I don't even bother to try. Especially after reading the ingredient label lol...
  17. Daily Chat

    I've got a glass jar of coconut oil is my desk drawer. if I ever manage to use it all, I'll probably clean it out and make use of it. I don't normally keep stuff like that around. I don't have a lot of space in my kitchen to keep things which aren't essential. And now that I eat few processed foods, I don't buy much stuff that comes in glass jars.
  18. Daily Chat

    I have two shelves of empty glass jars of various sizes. My favorites are from peanut butter I bought over 10 years ago. They are wide mouth and 1/2 tall. Perfect left over jars. Mason jars are the other favorite. There are some from Lemon Curd that are very good for special items. I have shelves of them in my camper, too. I really need to visit a 'clutter/hoarding' seminar. That tea sounds yummy.
  19. 2018 To boldly go biking

    Hi all, Quick update: Meyery2k - thanks for letting us know. I was curious (worried? concerned?) too ... Out for a few rides here and there, but nothing spectacular. Spring sure is pretty this year. Commuted on Tuesday - ride home was 89F (just this side of 'too hot'). Current plan is to also ride in tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. Metric Century coming up in two weeks, so it's time to add a few more miles ... Stay safe out there! JT
  20. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    94 today. yes, I like this.
  21. flavored carbonated water

    lately I mix lemon sparking water and Saki. yes, not bad.
  22. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    160.6, this may work. just discovered the BMI for an Asian American is lower than I thought. great.
  23. Hi J Woz, welcome to the group. Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance can show up a decade or more before your blood glucose levels will show a rise. Excess circulating insulin causes the body to become resistant or numb to the presence of insulin. Because of this combo, when you eat carbs, insulin levels will spike higher than would happen normally to lower your levels back down. But since your body had to produce more insulin to achieve that affect, you can get what is called reactive hypo. This doesn't necessarily have t be a true hypo, where your BG levels drop below 70. It can also be a delayed large drop in blood glucose levels, which can feel very much like a hypo. Headaches, shaky, nervousness, increased hunger, and similar. So its a possibility this was the cause of the fatigue, shakiness, and headache you mentioned in your post. Contrary to what the general public and most medical professionals believe, not all T2 diabetics sat around all day watching TV, drinking gallons of soda, and scarfing sweets and other junk food. I've been active my entire life, I love long walks and hiking for pleasure, rarely ate sweets, hadn't drunk soda for more then a couple of decades, and similar. Due to gall bladder removal and a large family history of T2 diabetes, I avoided fats, ate lean meats when I ate meat at all, avoided most dairy, and stuck with whole grains, whole wheat, brown rice, and similar. I was still diagnosed 15+ years later as a T2 diabetic. I will echo Mike above. If you haven't already, get yourself a blood glucose meter and start testing yourself. This is how you will know how your body reacts to the different foods you consume and various activities. I also use the Walmart ReliOn Prime as the strips cost $9 for 50, which is way less than my insurance copay and it works perfectly fine for me. Plus my doctor and insurance company can't gang up on me to keep me from testing like was tried before. (25 strips a month? That's not even enough for once a day!) As Mike mentioned, your fasting numbers are normally the last place to see a problem. The best places to test yourself is before and a couple hours after meals. My goal is to be back where I started at around 2 hours. However the composition can affect how fast your food is digested, so there may be times you want to check yourself at 3 or 4 hours. Pizza happens to be notorious for delayed spikes. That before and after check allows you to make changes to your meal composition and then try it again to see if you got better results. We refer to this as eating to your meter and is a method many of us follow here. In my opinion, testing yourself is vital for understanding what is happening with your body. I look like it this way. Imagine you are a pilot. You need to land your plane, but its in the middle of the night, cloud cover is heavy the planes control board and radar are out, the airport has lost power and there are no lights on the runway. He only knows if he's gotten it right once the plane touches ground. And by then its too late to correct for any errors. That's what its like when a diabetic only goes by an A1C and BG test a couple times a year. You're just flying blind, playing guessing games, and crossing your fingers. If something goes wrong, you have no idea what has gone wrong, just that it did. At first I recommend testing frequently. You're building a picture on how your body reacts and that takes time. There are a lot of factors involved. However, once you get the hang of things, you can ease off. I now normally test myself about three times a day. Using when I get up in the morning and then before and after one meal. I don't freak out if I forget my meter at home and don't get all three tests in. And at times I will increase the number of tests, usually if I'm trying something new or trying to hunt down an issue I've seen with my regular readings. Anyway, stick around, ask questions. There are lots of people here with many many years of experience who are happy to lend a hand, advice, suggestions, etc.
  24. Daily Chat

    I'm selling 6 Mason jars at my garage sale tomorrow...Come on Down Kit... 100% discount to you.
  25. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    6.2 Planning on having a garage sale this weekend to reduce my clutter. Just setting it up is hard work.
  26. Daily Chat

    Kit, Mason jars are still available at grocery stores. Should do the job.
  27. Well, thank you Buddy, for finding my opinions ridiculousness and absurd. At least your mother didn't raise you to be outspokenly judgmental. As to the rest of your blather...thank you for your time.
  28. Daily Chat

    Oh, the glass container isn't for drinking, its for storing the tea leaves before they get brewed. This stuff is literally drenched in cinnamon and other oils. Its already soaking through the triple lined bag she put it in when I bought it. The company itself recommends you store it in airtight glass containers, as the oils can react to other materials. They also recommend you store it in the fridge or freezer as they can go rancid. I figured one of those glass canning jars or similar should work well.
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