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  2. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    4.6 82ish Possibly accurate probably a bad reading but I too will take it. P.s.also a bit sCary like is this a low? Then like okay this is a normal blood glucose number and I feel fine. my fasting numbers were in the 70s for years. First time I had a bg fasting done it was 65. I was 16 and active and had no symptoms so the doctor said it was fine. Añd now my mind went to is 82 low after seeing fasting in the low100 s. and justifiably celebrating that because it's progress. 82 just feels surreal. It'll be a while before this number starts coming up more often but hey its a start..if indeed it's accurate.
  3. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    mod i'm so sorry things are so hard. (hugs)
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  5. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    114 again. bah
  6. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    It has been a challenging week so far. Home Health Care (HHC) brought tube compression socks that are really comfortable. They don't have a lot of compression but are really helping. Sure beats ace bandages for a wrap. Thursday evening I fell again in my kitchen. Not really sure but I ended up on my butt HARD. I then had to butt walk into the living room where the phone was so I could call 911 and get help. Then over to my front door as I had already locked it. One home town firefighter got there first and he grabbed me in a bear hug and slowly pulled me up. Didn't hurt at least. Of course then the EMTs came with lights blazing. Yesterday I ordered First Alert. $69.90/month for the service which contains a GPS so they can always find me. Well worth it. I called my heart surgeon and talked to his nurse about the A-Fib still occurring plus the fact that the cellulitis wasn't getting better. They sent me a heart monitor to wear for a week. I am waiting for hubs to get home to put it on I have finally concluded that I may never be as good as I was before all this happened. Too many side effects from that ablation and it has been a struggle to fight all of them. I hope to be somewhere in between where I am now and where I was before. I would like to be able to drive short distances and go with my hubs to the grocery store and shop without getting so short of breath. Small goals at first.
  7. Today's ebay code: PICSOON good for today

    New code is 'GO get em' for 15% good luck
  8. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    Mike, Glad you were able to indulge your taste buds to no great injury. Good to read the opening was a success but I knew it would be. Welcome news about Gail's Mom. Enjoy your ride!!
  9. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Hi Mike, Happy Birthday!!! Been looking for a report on opening night, hope you were well received by all.
  10. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    Hi Oriana, Very fortunate to have 'back-up' clothes for when you lose inches. That will let you feel more like you actually lost weight, rathern than just wearing the old clothes that are getting baggy. (((hugs))), j ModCarb, Hoping you are getting better, looking forward to hearing from you. Sending love, j
  11. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    101 this morning. There is a tradition where a small party is held on stage after opening night and there were lots of good things to try. I simply overindulged a little on Chinese Roast Pork and some chicken wings so not really a surprise. We had a great opening night. Gail's Mom seems to have turned a corner and is showing improvement. She is off the ventilator and a little stronger. Alert and communicating. Gails said her color has become much better. Hopefully she will be out of ICU soon. Weather looks good for riding so I am going to hit the road and burn off all that good food from last night
  12. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Thank you @TX_Clint and @dowling gram
  13. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Happy birthday Mike. Hope it's a good one
  14. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    My reading this morning was 102.
  15. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Thank you @buddy7!
  16. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Have a great Birthday Mike.
  17. Dexcom sensors and omnipod

    I use a Minimed 670g but my sister uses the Omnipod + Dexcom and she loves both of them. Her insurance covers both the pods & sensors with a co-pay. Her only complaint is finding new places for both the pods and sensors.
  18. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    whoa how did i miss this! @meyery2k Happy Birthday!!! [ p.s. pretend the cake is keto
  19. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    sending prayers for Gail's mum. FBG - 5.7 had my nuclear stress test (pharmaceutical). god did i experience every side effect possible to the persantine (med inject to dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the heart to mimic exercise). i felt hot and flushed. i had shortness of breath. my chest felt heavy to the point of hurting. i was told any or all of this might happen, but i hated every second of it and was almost in tears by the time it ended. trust me those 4minutes seemed to go on forever. thankfully, the symptoms resolved as soon as they injected the antidote after the test was over. i still felt shaky and nervous for an hour or two. i was told that was normal. BG was 6.4 when i checked at home, possibly a bit high from the stress of it all. i told the tech the test needed to be stopped, and she said my ECG and blood pressure were normal and what i was experiencing was side effects from the meds. she said these side effects are not predictors of coronary artery disease. but i am pretty nervous still. it was such a long day. i should have my results by monday or tuesday. this is going to be a rough weekend. health issues have always hit me hard, despite how hard i try to tackle them head on. i lost a parent to cancer within a few months of diagnosis, as a child. that stays with you. i am trying..i really am to what's right and good for my body. all of this health stuff dropping on my head all at once just has me super tired in every way possible. i know people go through worse. i've seen it with my own eyes and lived the aftermath. i am just frustrated and really want to get answers asap.
  20. Happy Birthday Mike meyery2k

    Have a happy, happy Mike.
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  22. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    I love this!
  23. 2018 To boldly go biking

    walked after the rain stopped, 87, my best so far.
  24. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    mod I hope you are doing ok!
  25. Are you on a diet to lose weight?

    happy birthday mike! I enjoy having you here very much. adiantum I enjoyed that. I had a fight with a bra today. I ordered a smaller jeans and bra for when I lose weight and wanted to see if I could get it on. Well I pulled it over head even tho it is a hook bra bc I cant reach around. I got it on but was in a sheer panic when i thought i couldnt get it off. good news is if I lose a few inches I have a bra ready. The jeans (which I bought in canada! remember how upset i was at not being able to buy jeans in my own country?) If I lose 1 inch I will be able to get them on. I don't know about sitting down. Turns out the size chart they provide on the website is about 10 inches off being correct. I regretting buying them bc I thought I was going to have to lose 10 inches to get them on. So this is all good news. I worry about losing weight all the time bc I worry about having no clothes to wear-and I mean no clothes. So now ive got jeans and a bra. I got a wedge pillow delivered yesterday. I drained part of my leg and was so happy but it is filling up again.
  26. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    Lee, that was so beautiful, thanks. MIKE! Happy Birthday and Break a Leg!
  27. Low Carb Daily Diet.....

    Wednesday, December 12: 4:23 AM (FBG, before breakfast): Breakfast: avocado, Amylu Andouille chicken sausage, coffee [Didn't test before lunch--wasted two strips not waiting long enough before adding blood, said, "Screw it!"] Lunch (office Christmas party): innards of four shredded chicken tacos, lettuce with Green Goddess dressing, 1/2 cup refries [Ignored: tamales, enchiladas, refried rice, huge cakes] 6:45 PM (before dinner): 85 Dinner: salmon patty with wasabi mayo over lettuce, low-carb pumpkin ice cream with whipped cream, 1/4 cup mixed nuts. 8:28 PM: 97 Then snack: another avocado Average for the day: 98 Macronutrients: 72 grams carbs (33 grams fiber), 121 grams fat, 91 grams protein Calories: 1,832 ***************************** Thursday, December 13: 5:37 AM (FBG, before breakfast): 123 Breakfast: avocado, Amylu chicken Andouille sausage, Southern greens blend, coffee 12:13 PM (before lunch): 104 Lunch: salad (4 oz. grilled sirloin, 3 oz. Manchego, several green olives, lettuce, sriracha ranch dressing), 7:25 PM (before dinner): 88 Dinner: grilled Louisiana hot, 2 grilled portobello mushrooms, coffee with heavy cream, 1/4 bar Montezuma's Absolute Black Average for the day: 105 Macronutrients: 56 grams carbs (23 grams fiber), 135 grams fat, 92 grams protein Calories: 1,880
  28. 2018 Morning FBG tests

    Happy Birthday Mike December 15th
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