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Any thoughts on Exubera?

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It's insulin that you inhale. I think it got approved late summer 06. coworker husband works for Pfizer and she told me about it.

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It's not all that cracked up. There are numerous problems and it only works for type 2s.


Firstly, the device used to give it is huge. So, if you are trying to hide diabetes, you definitely won't be using exubera.


Secondly, it only comes in 1 and 3 milligram blister packs. And 1 unit of Exubera is equal to 3 units of standard insulin. So, dosing is not very accurate.


Thirdly, there is not much info on the harmful effects. Long term studies of what exubera does to the lungs have not been completed. Also, the American Dental Association is worried about what damage may happen to the teeth by inhaling a powder substance. Over time, that could actually cause gum damage. But no tests of that kind have even been completed.


Also, if one is sick, and has any form of respitory illness, it is unknown how effective Exubera will be.


At this time, it's ONLY good for type 2s as a supplement.

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