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Got My Track Shoes On!!

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Well it's the morning of the Big Breakfast Bonanza, for Thanksgiving at Luke's school this morning. He is well prepared to guesstimate sliding scale but I haven't been able to take my track shoes off since dx, almost 6 years ago. The classroom Mom called and assured me, she understood, being a vet assistant and dealing with diabetic cats! Truly gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling. And can't wait for tomorrow's field trip to Medieval Times, where we get to gorge ourselves again and Luke could not attend if I didn't have my track shoes on and oh, did I forget to mention my cane as I had 1 hip replaced in February/2004 and haven't yet had the time to get the left one done, as I cn't take these track shoes off!!!!! I'm considering Readers Digest, Life in These United States.:burnout: :burnout:

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