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Why does my Metformin smell funny?

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Hi! New poster here.


I've been taking metformin for years and have never noticed the smell. However, I've gone from caplets to round(aspirin like) and now I smell the medicine, both in my bottle and my urine. Was going to call my pharmacist about pills going bad, but the forum answered my questions.

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Hi, I'm glad my metformin is like everyone elses that smells like fish. I was worried it might be a problem with it.



Thanks, Rob


Likewise. I am convinced my pharmacy must have switched brands, because I do not remember the smell before. I thought maybe something was wrong. I am glad to know I am not the only one. I cannot miss the smell. The minute I open my pill bottle, it comes out and smacks me!

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Also in Canada...I was on the regular 500 metformin and there was no smell. Last week I was unexpectedly away from home at the hospital because my Dad was rather suddenly dying and I did not have my meds with me so I filled the prescription I had in my purse for ER metformin so I would not miss a dose. The crisis was causing enough damage to my diabetes routine that I figured missing any meds could be disaster. I had asked for the ER prescription last month when I went in for my one month into Diabetes check-in because of the wretched gastro stuff I was experiencing moving up to the full prescribed dose. The ER costs $90ish a month - the regular $20ish/month and diabetes meds and supplies are not covered by our healthcare so I figured I would give the regular another couple of weeks and only go to the ER if i HAD to. The gastro stuff calmed down quite a bit so I decided not to switch until I was in another city being with my Dad. I must say - I do like them better cuz I only have to take two instead of four and the pharmacist at the hospital said I could even take them both at the same time. I can also report that there is no smell to these pills either. I will finish the month out and then go back to the regular ones that I still have but if I see a big difference in side effects I am going to continue the ER and hang the expense.

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