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Another ACE thread

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So, I've been taking this Altace 2.5mg stuff for two months now...and I've been getting, mostly at around 2AM, but sometimes during the day, this dry spot in the back of my throat (or maybe in the breathway). I try to cough but nothing comes out. Like something is stuck there, nice and dry and crisp.


It started about a week after I started the med. At first I thought it was nothing, perhaps allergies. But then I was reminded that it can be a side effect of the med. So, now what? I guess it only bothers me most of the time when I sleep and not during the day so I'll just live with it. Sure doesn't make me feel comfortable to have to take another med, which comes with side effects?


On that note, is there actual researched proof that Altace will protect my kidneys? And if so, HOW does it do that? I'm not taking it for BP because I'm perfect in that regard (usually 120/75)....and always have been. It's strictly for the kidney stuff.

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sounds like you may have the dry cough side-effect, which unfortunately is very common with ACE inhibitors


There is some question about whether ACE inhibitor protect the kidneys in the long term - one study suggested not, but there is a question mark over the results. However they do protect kidneys in the short term (less than 5 years) in those who have overt kidney disease - ACE's can usually reverse microalbuminurea, and slow the progression of kidney disease.


their protective function is believed to be due to inhibiting the constriction of the efferent arterioles (these are the blood vessels downstream of the glomerular capsule - the bit that does the filtering).


this lowers pressure in the kidneys, and so decreases Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR should be measured when you get your cholesterol/a1c etc. tested). Lower GFR = less stress on your kidneys, which means they should last longer.


however because they lower the GFR, ACE inhibitors can exacerbate renal failure in some patients.


you can read more about ACE inhibitors here...


ACE inhibitor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


footnote - the study mentioned above (which used ALLHAT data), used GFR as a marker for renal function, which ACE inhibitors lower, and hence why they possibly did worse than other anti-hypertensives in the analysis.

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