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when to take zoloft?

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just got mynew meds from walgreen's. supposed to take zoloft once a day. so-do i take now or wait til tomorrow? will it help me sleep? maybe it'd be best to take it at bedtime? thanks! trish

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Jan B



It takes up to a month to help much. Don't scream! I think I started feeling better in a couple weeks. I take the majority of my pills in the morning; I don't think it matters when you take it. I know how you want to get started, so I can't imagine anything wrong with taking it at night!

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Jan B
will it help me sleep?


Probably not. The Xanax might help though. Good luck -- you need some rest. I also take Ambien CR every so often. It depresses me the next day, so I don't take it all the time. Tylenol PM is better than nothing if you need some rest, which you do!

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