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hello, my 15 yr old

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there are many solutions out there .. i have posted in the past that i use product found on the American Diabetes Assocition website which uploads all my data without having to write it down. it was free for me with a cable.


it works for me.. Please DO NOT quit on yourself MANAGEMENT IS KEY!!

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My teenage years were awful in terms of control. I didn't see an endo from age 12-15, and i don't want to say what my A1c was when i went back.


For me, being aware of the Diabetes community, being more aware of complications, and then more recently through my job (i have to be seen to be under good control to be able to lobby & advocate for it :P), i really took control.


I'm not saying to scare the living daylights out of your daughter, but it sounds like she needs to know what can and most probably will happen if she doesn't take a good stance against it.


It certainly is a hard time to get through. Luckily i was diagnosed at 3, so i always had a good grasp (except for early teen years).


If you like, drop me a PM - i'd love to see if i can help in anyway.


Take care,


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