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Cholesterol meds

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Watch out Nancy, I may show up on your doorstep ready for my vino lessons:D ....think maybe the s/f Kool-Aid is keeping me from reaching my 50+ HDL goal?????:confused:;)


BTW, I call my concoction..."southern sangria!":T

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It Ain't Over
there are 2 drugs used to lower cholesterol.


There is a third, Niaspan. It is a form of Niacin, which you should not use as that will cause a rise in BG,s.

Niacin and Niaspan are members of the vitamin B group,

I was given a prescription for Niaspan and it had a remarkable effect on the cholesteral counts. Went from 27 HDL/ 90 LDL to 42HDL/ 44 LDL. That was with 10 mg of Lipitor, which I had been on for over a year.

That is the good. The bad is that after a few years I started having trouble with it. Night sweats and strange heart beatings. Was told to take 1/2 aspirin 30 minutes prior to taking it and to always take it at night. Tried and was better, but still would cause the heart skipping and goofy beats. So I discontinued it. Still taking Lipitor and fish oils.

Hard to figure out what is best, obviously medical knowledge is still flawed. But diabetics are vulnerable to heart disease and we should take measures to protect ourselves.

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I don't like the taste of wine at all, but started drinking red wine at bedtime on the advice of my doc to raise HDL levels. They were 23 at diagnosis....3 months after starting red wine and fish-oil tabs, they were 46. 48 on last test...just can't hit 50 for some reason.


Anyway, I mix my red wine with cherry s/f koolaid (yes, I can hear the collective gasps from you wine lovers;) )...it makes it more palatable for me.


Well to each there own. I guess that is just a creative form of Sangria. If you really want to hit 50, up your fish oil and exercise more aggresively. I take 10-12 1200mg fish oil each day, and besides the squishing sound when I walk, I do fine.

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