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Metaformin: anybody taking this ?

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Metformin seems to be the first line for internists to put diabetics on. My MD didn't even know what MODY was at first. My daughter sees a Peds Endo and takes Amaryl. I would love to get off Metformin as it makes me feel like garbage a lot of the time. I just don't want to ruin the relationship I have with her and go to an Endo behind her back. I know that I am in charge but making that jump is hard for me. It does frustrate me that my A1C won't drop and seems to be trending up... Like you I can't eat low carb so my blood sugars must suffer somewhat, but I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place...

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Hello Mody-RN,

I did a Google search on "Mody" and got a bit of an idea about what it is. Then I re-read your post and figured that you are probably one frustrated parent and patient. Perhaps I can give you some tidbits of the little wisdom I have so you might have a better day.

I found a doc who seems to know a lot about diabetes medications and how they mix with all the other stuff I take, which is a lot. He also takes the time to talk with me, as in having a real conversation. Some things he said hit the point. It went something like this:

Diabetes is a custom disease, no 2 people have the exact same condition and those conditions are constantly changing. That makes some doctors frustrated because they can't treat is like a cold or a broken arm. The type 1 and 2 thing is a feeble attempt to have 2 groups of one size fits all for treatment but that doesn't even work. Therefore, the best medicine can do is treat the symptoms. It's a big help when the patient is knowledgable with those symptoms, that way changing meds is made more intelligently.

Ok, enough sermonizing. Fact is, I hated metformin, stomach, runs, you know it. Got really bad when I dropped from 200 to 180 the last few months. But worse though is that I have very active and unpredictable CAD and PAD so I need to stay off metformin when I get angiogram dye. My doc put all that together, turned off the met and started me on Lantos. Quote: "Let's try it, test often and call if your numbers go haywire."

Bottom line is that I think that a diabetic needs to know his/her disease, understand that it is always changing and have to find and work "with" a doctor to treat it.

Best to you and yours,


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