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Announcement about members who have passed...

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Over the course of this year, a couple of members have unfortunately passed away. Out of respect to the deceased, we decided it would be best to close the accounts of those who are no longer with us. We feel that it is inappropriate to allow family members to access their accounts and see PMs or other private information. Besides, if a family member would like to join DF to speak on behalf of their departed, they have every opportunity to create their own account - and we'd prefer that they do so. We even spoke of creating an alternate name for the "banning" of such members, so that people here would know that the members were not "banned," just that they are no longer with us. This announcement is not open for discussion. It arose due to the fact that one of the deceased member's accounts has been accessed almost daily since they passed away (in fact, we've received PMs regarding this). Please understand that we are not trying to be harsh to those members who are gone, rather, we are trying to protect their private information. Thank you all for your understanding.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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