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I had a miscarriage last August. It was not a planned pregnancy, and found out that my A1c was a 12. AT 10 weeks there was no heartbeat. I am taking insuln and lantus. I just got my A1C and it was a 7 much better, but I really want to get to a 5.5! I got MARRIED, YEAAH, and want to start trying. I am working with all my doctors, meet with a new endo in late october. I am taking folic acid, fish oil, and milk thystle as perscribed. My obgyn wants me to loose 10 pounds. we would like to start trying in January. Any suggestion? tips?? Other diabetics with healthy babies. I need to hear good stories that I can be blessed with a healthy baby!

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Hi HB,


Your sign-in name is exactly the same as my other forums sign-in name.


I have no specific tips to offer since I have not been there and am trying to get there soon... However, there is another forum : DiabeticMommy - Diabetes Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, Trying to Conceive with Diabetes where you will be able to meet all diabetic women who are already or trying to be mommy.


Good luck on your TTC...

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