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While Wikipedia may not always be exactly right, it is often useful for providing introductory information --


Latent autoimmune diabetes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


It is another form of autoimmune diabetes like type 1. The differences are that type 1 generally develops earlier in life before adulthood and the autoimmune attack develops with more intensity with faster development to the stage where native insulin production is depleted beyond being able to provide the necessary amounts of insulin.


Type 1.5 seems to appear generally later in life, but that may only be from the slow development of the autoimmune attack. Lines of investigation into the appearance of immune antibodies to beta cells have shown that the autoimmune attack can begin some years before diagnosis -- it may be the same with type 1.5, but again with seeing how the rate on onset is in diagnosed type 1.5s, it could be that it just takes a lot longer before a type 1.5 starts becoming symptomatic.


Type 1.5s appear to retain more residual beta cell function longer than type 1s. But both are autoimmune diseases.

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I've heard that many type 1.5s have antibodies to the GAD65 protein that the islet cells make but they don't have antibodies to the islet cells themselves. This keeps the islet cells alive, just not functioning very well. So that's one explanation for why type 1.5/LADA is more slowly-progressing.



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