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I don't know what to do..

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There are no false-positives, just false negatives. Make an appt - they might do an ultrasound on your first visit since you're considered high risk.


Make sure you check your sugar frequently - make an appt w/your endocrinologist, too. My sugars were great (A1c less than 5) with both of my pregnancies, and my babies both weighed 8#, 9oz (big, not too big).


congratulations - and take care of yourself!!

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When my wife got pregnant the first time.. we were just starting out and it was a whoops moment.. well we had twins. We were not prepared for one.. we were in a one bedroom apartment. Everything did change.. no it wasn't easy.. in fact with twins we were really challenged to meet their needs.. financially and even emotionally.. it was something else having two at a time. But it was a double blessing.. and it makes you stronger. We had decided that they would be it for us.. and then we thought.. well one more. We have a another son and he is just as amazing.. and he was planned but the same parenting challenges came with him.. as well as expenses and everything changed again.. the twins had a brother.. and we were now 5 in the house.

I don't know how old this is.. if you have made a decision.. but I am hoping for the best for you.

My wife had a miscarriage after the twins.. when we tried for our son. She still wonders about that child.. because he had been there.. in her. It wasn't the same for me.. I could only watch her deal and offer support.. but it is the woman who carries it all and is affected the most. Take care.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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