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Hi! I am new here and am basically looking for a way to connect with other diabetic women/ hopeful mothers. I have been type 2 for quite awhile, probably for over 20 years. I am 37, which I know is high risk on it's own. My HA1C has hovered around 6.0 for years but I get sugar spikes after I eat. Just as an example after eating a 6 in subway sandwich, my blood sugar level was over 220. I haven't been regulating too carefully but my husband and I want to start trying to get pregnant soon. I'm going to try to get this under control and start trying in the next few months.


I'm also vegetarian, which I know is hard, because many of my protein sources include high carbs, too.


I have a few general questions... What should I aim for before I start trying? I have heard that I need to get my sugar levels under "tight control" but what does that mean?


Also, finally- does anyone know of a good endocrinologist in the Chicago land area? I'm currently going to one, but I don't feel a connection and she said she would get back to me and hasn't for over 2 weeks. I'm just looking for someone I connect with and know is good. It's so hard to get doctor recommendations, I don't really know where to look.


Thanks for any advice!

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