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Vanadium and Allixin?

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Anyone have information on these to compounds used orally or injected?


Just wondering if anyone else has ran across the studies?


In previous work they had discovered the vanadium-allixin compound treated both diabetes types when injected, but this new study shows the drug has promise as an oral treatment for the disease.


Advance Article from Metallomics. The first issue of the new journal will be published in 2009.

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It certainly sounds interesting. Having said that, the study was on diabetic mice, and it is still early days :o . Here is some info about the study :


The study was published by researchers from the Suzuka University of Medical Science in Japan and involved the oral administration of the vanadium-allixin compound to a group of 7 diabetic mice over a 9 day period. The blood glucose levels of the mice were then compared with a group of un-treated diabetic mice, a group of insulin treated diabetic mice, and a control group of non diabetic mice.


Initial blood sugar levels were around 30mmol/L for the diabetic mice and 8mmol/L for the non-diabetic mice. Five days into the vanadium-allixin treatment, blood sugar levels of the diabetic mice began to drop dramatically and by the end of the 9 day treatment had reached 12mmol/L, a similar blood sugar level to the insulin treated diabetic mice.


The vanadium-allixin treated mice also showed a small reduction in weight whereas the insulin treated mice increased in weight slightly over the treatment period.


The researchers believe the compound works by activating the insulin signalling cascade which plays an important role in the regulation of glucose metabolism. The compound also appears to stimulate the function of an enzyme known as AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) which helps cells to absorb glucose.

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