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Hi everyone

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Hi my name is Sandy I am 38 years old and just found out last month that I have Type 2 Diabetes. My husband and I were about to TTC when we found out about it and I have made a major life change the past few weeks. I went from my sugars being 300 ( when I found out) to now having them much more under control. My average when I turn the meter on is 140 and I have not had any numbers over 160 for 2 weeks.


I know when I found out my sugars were high but I had no idea and I was having baked potato's or mac and cheese every day for lunch and Pasta 2 times a week for supper. And that is not even talking about the chips and ice cream that I would snack on.


I am currently taking 500 MG of Metformin twice a day and now that I am really watching what I am eating I have noticed that even if I skip a pill my sugar is still ok.


I am hoping to get my sugar under control and be TTC soon.

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