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hi i'm new here

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hi i'm new here




i have diabete's type t2 i had type t2 sents

1997 thats 12 yrs now i take pills and shots

togather and i take novolog. lantus

i chack my sugar 4 times a day

novolog i take it by the sliding scale

if u know what that is and lantus i take 20 units at bedtime


this what i take in pills

lisinopril 40 mg 1 a day

metformin 500 mg. 1 a day

simvastatin 40 mg. 1 a day

aspirn 81 mg. 1 a day

buderion sr. 15 mg. 2 a day

hctz 25 mg. 1 a day


i take all togather with novolog

and lantus i take novolog 3 x a day

lantus 1 a day at bed time


sliding scale is like this


if its 100 and onder u take 7 units

and if its 100 to 151 u take 8 units

and if its 151 to 201 u take 10 units

and 201 to 300 u take 11 units

and so one i can do my dosage

i can go up are done on it

i do syrings

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so what is goin on there Goofy? How are ya and welcome - welcome- welcome.



post often, read often and ask questions.:)

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