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You say potato, I say jicama!!

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Janice, your jicama was a star at the local market.....well, not your jicama, but the size.


Last Thursday we went to the farmers market and it was the first time I had ever seen jicama in manageable sizes! I bought 6 of them about the size of a beet, so much better for us than the enormous ones that usually abound. Much easier and less wasteful to be able to use one at a time rather than cut into a ginormous one and forget it is there waiting patiently, turning brown & squishy.

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We can buy jicama but it is $3.99 per pound. It makes it a pricey dish. I wish I could plant some in my garden, but I think our growing season is way too short.

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Growing season, I think I remember the site I got the seeds from says a 5 month season of sunny days. You might still get something, just not real large, in less time. I was amazed to see anything in the ground. I was expecting more vine than I got. Plus, my plants did not produce seeds. I did get a few purple flowers that looked like sweet peas.


We are having some again tonight. There are possible two more out in ground I am leaving until we need them. Next year, Lord willing, I will plant many more. I may stagger them with the okra. They were planted near okra this time and the Jicama used the okra as a trellis. Beats building one. :)




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