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Best Prenatal Vitamin for T1 Pregnancy - T1 Moms, please help!

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My husband and I have been planning out our pregnancy for a very long time, trying to make sure we minimize all risks etc. Anyway, we went for our Ob-Gyn appt to confirm that we were okay to go ahead, and we were. My doc prescribed a prenatal vitamin Tandem DHA. I am concerned that it does not seem to have the broad spectrum of vitamins in it, just the basics - folic acid, DHA, iron, vit C& vit B.


- I'm also hypothyroid, which I understand is common in T1 diabetics. I read research somewhere where it's important for pregnant hypothyroid mothers to have iodine as part of the supplement.

- My previous regimen of OTC prenatals with a omega supplement also got me my daily ALA (alpha linolenic acid) which is important for BG control. This one doesn't.


So wanted to ask all the other T1 moms/moms-to-be if you had any recommendations on the best prenatal available (OTC/prescription, either's fine) for a T1, hypothyroid planning-to-be-mom

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