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continuous glucose monitering

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wondering about continous glucose monitering and benefits, etc. i am recieving mixed messsages from DE regarding accuracy. Our insurance won't help pay:mad:( . Does anyone have feedback as to accuracy, brands that you have experience with etc. MD also says that they are not worth the expense compared to what the technology limitations are at this point in time.

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We have used Dexcom for 9 months and are currently using the Plus.


Yes, you cannot stop doing fingerstick checks. and it is not approved to use to dose insulin off of, the FDA says they are not that accurate yet.


BUT my son wears it 24/7. It has been fantastic, and even he feels better with it on.

Call Dexcom and ask for a free week trial.

If you can afford the out of pocket expense. IF the monthy cost of the sensors would not be feesable for you, wait or appeal to get coverage from your insurance company.


Once you try it, I bet you will NOT want to give it back...:eek: With kids, you get a clue as to what is going on at night and between BG checks. and that information is invaluable.


I would absolutely encourage you to appeal to the insurance company. They need to cover these systems. They are NOT perfect, but they are pretty stinking amazing!

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