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5 days and counting....

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5 days and still no prescribed insulin.....

its been almost a week since i turned off my pump, and opted for the 'no insulin unless i really need it' regimen.


so far its working, my pancreas has been well behaved and i only get bg's that refuse to come down from 7.9mmols when i eat more than 30grams within a couple of hours.

most of the time my bg's dont leave the comfy zone of 5.3 to 6.2 mmols. i believe that is considered to be 'normal' bg's for a non-D. my fasting bg's are invariably 5.5mmols.

any corrections ive taken have been about 1.5 units in any given day.


this morning my fasting bg was 5.9 which is a little higher than my normal one, but 2 hours after my breakfast smoothie bg's had come down nicely to 4.7mmols.


the 2 hours point was what i was looking for. up to now my bgs have been taking up to 4 hours to come back down, and i was hopeful that the pancreas would remember how it should work and kick in to proper function.

i suppose i could describe this like a young bird trying to take off, at first he would bump along flapping his wings until suddenly a gust of wind would lift him up in the air. i am still monitoring very often, but i remain quite calm and confident throughout.


hubby and i are seeing quite a bit of stress in our life at the moment as a result of a financial claim from his ex-wife. we are progressing very slowly through the British legal system. my bg's dont appear to have risen like i had expected. to compare...when i took my driving test last october my bg's shot up to 12-14 mmols and i was taking a raised basal until a couple of days after taking the test. so again it would appear that my body is normalising itself.


all in all, i really cant complain at all, i am really pleased and remain quite confident that i am seeing a long term effect here. my pancreas appears to have re-booted itself, and i'm still confident that this is all as a result of my choosing only alkaline or alkalizing foods. i've been eating this way since around july 1st and i would think that i will be choosing this way for the long term as well

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