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1st pregnancy on insulin, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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Hello everyone!, :)

thank you for reading this.

i'm 23 and my hubs 38 i have 5 kids 2 step and 3 of ours and one on the way. I found out that i was type 2 tis year april.

and i just fond out 4 days ago that i'm almost 6 weeks pregnant.

my new obgyn put me on insulin and istill can't loer my blood sugar, andi'm trying to fallow a diet but it's hard have 5 kids and cooking and having picky little ones.

i'm so scared because @18 i had a miscarriage @19 had my daughter 4,@20 had my other daughter 3, and @21 had my son 2. and @22 had a miscarriage of twins, now all 5 pregnancys were birth control. and this time we weren't using BC and we weren't getting pregnant and then i lost 50 pounds and got pregnant, now i'm type 2 on insulin nuvlin R and nuvlin N and i cant seem to lower it and i'm scared


because i can't lose anotherone i rather have a real big baby then not one at all you know.


i'm sorry that i rambbled and most likely repeated myself lol


does anyone know what can help? or have advice :D thank you

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my new obgyn put me on insulin


Get yourself to an Endo or perinatologist with experience treating diabetes during pregnancy ASAP. R and N are somewhat outdated... it's my opinion that MOST ob/gyn doctors don't even realize that because treating diabetes it isn't something they tend to specialize in... if they have to prescribe insulin, it's usually not for someone with pre-existing diabetes, and it happens late in their pregnancy, and they're usually only on it for a few weeks.


That said, it often takes a while to get insulin dosages figured out.. and part of the problem specifically with pregnancy is that your insulin requirements change often. You really need to get the training/education from someone who knows what they are doing to be able to manage this, relying on your ob/gyn to suggest/make changes for you is really not sufficient.

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ditto Sarah


Even when I was with a high-risk OB (T2 and high blood pressure) I still had someone who specialized in diabetes working with me on just that. They need to be able to *teach* you how to adjust your doses. Insist you at least meet with a certified diabetic educator a couple of times, and a nutritionist as well.

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