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Katrina Stovold

Almost Reached The 12 Week Mark!!!

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Katrina Stovold

Well, hello everyone! I have my 12 week scan coming up this week!! I am nervous.........I have been doing my very very best but ofcourse there are moments when my sugar level drops or I wake up with a high reading!! Overall, I have been pretty good!


Will my high/low readings I have occassionally affect the bub??? help!


Also, is it ok to eat something sweet with mymeals? I have heard that sugar levels are slower to rise if I eat say some icecream right after my carbo meal!! Seems to be true. Is it true for you too?


My boobs hurt........that is it!!! no morning sickness whatsoever at all!!!!! Hope this is normal.........Also, I am fat!!! Thanks to the doc telling me to eat carbs at every meal!! My waist is a balloon...


Hoping my bub is growing well and all is ok!!


hba1c was 7.6% at conception......not the best I know but have had excellent control the last 3 months!!! Would like to know what it is now!!


Im trying hard.......hope its all worth it! xx

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