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Crestor vs. Lipitor

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What I am curious about is Lovaza , an Omega-3 they are also suggesting. I figured it fits in this whole Cholesterol debate and thought I would ask.


I don't know anything about Lovaza - although I agree that omega-3's are important. To address that, many take fish oil supplements and/or flax oil or flaxseed. I take chia oil, which is a vegetarian form of omega-3 supplement. It's a smaller gelcap than the others & has no aftertaste at all. I don't think I would buy a prescription drug when there are OTC options available.

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I personally don't take statins even though I have higher than normal total cholesterol number and a family history of stroke. That is my personal choice and I have been able to lower my LDL by diet. My HDL is amazingly good, so I made my decision to stay off statins. My doctor initially was not happy, but he is now more understanding about my choice.


This is my position as well. My maternal grandmother had shockingly high cholesterol levels (we're talking 300+) on the max doses of several different statins.. she took them for more than half her life, and watched what she ate light a hawk - she averaged 85-90lbs the entire time I was growing up. She was TINY, and plenty active. Nothing really seemed to make much difference. She died in her early 80's, not of heart disease or a stroke, but of LIVER cancer. I would tend to believe that all that medication may have played a part.


The ironic thing is, that she comes from a line of extremely long-lived people. She was one of the youngest deaths in her family that was not due to an accident.


So, my total cholesterol is usually "too high" but my HDL is awesome (last was in the 80's), and my LDL is really only "slightly" high - my trigs are fine. My CRP is low. I choose not to take a statin. I don't think I need it.. and that is despite the fact that both of my parents had heart attacks in their 50's. I am doing things they are NOT though, I'm much more active, I am NOT a smoker, and I don't intend to "ignore" my health until something bad happens.


The amusing thing is that my last round of labwork actually came back "in range" - I had treated a low a few hours before going to the lab though, so I'm not sure if that made a difference... but it was a lipid panel tacked onto everything else I was having done, and when the tech asked if I'd had anything to eat or drink I told her a little juice to treat a low and she said that was fine, I was still fasting. Whatever :)

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