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Pump users....how often are you changing your inset while pregnant?

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I'm a type 1 diabetic and 14 weeks pregnant. I posted before and mentioned that I usually put my inset in my stomach. I've recently been trying to use my thigh more. I find my insulin has been working REALLY well for me with the change of inset site, but the inset does not seem to last more than 12-24 hours. Even in my stomach I'm finding that I have to change the site every 18-24 hours because otherwise it's Not Working. If I change the site the insulin starts working instantly again. I monitor my sugars closely and wait a timely manner to make sure I'm not jumping the gun and overdosing...and it's definitely the inset sites.


Has anyone else had this type of experience? My body did not react like this before pregnancy...and now it's driving me a little nuts.



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I had that too, but not to that extreme. I had to change it every 1-3 days, wheras I can usually last 4 or 5 when I'm not pregnant (i.e. now).


You could try experimenting with different sets and see if any of the others lasted longer. I normally use Silhouettes (angled sets), but had to switch to Sure-Ts (metal sets) for a while while I was pregnant.


Good luck!

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