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Had GD, now still having high BG readings

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Has anyone already had one baby while having T2? Once I had my LO my blood sugar levels dropped they were totally fine. I went in for my 6 wk ck up and my 2 hr GTT came back @ 214. At that time my fastings were 101-113, which are pretty good. Dr told me to loose a few lbs and keep an eye on things and we could conquer this. Then we got sick and my fasting went up to 135, but then I went back to work and now they are all over the place. Is this a common thing after pregnancy to be all over the place? I didn't have T2 before I got preggo that I know of. I am considered to have an extremely low risk rate.

Also, let me add that I'm also experiencing some anxiety issues. These are recent since I went back to work. Any words of advise? I'm waiting to get into the Endo for a little more info!



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