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Afternoon Delight (coffee!)

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Around 3 or so every single day, I have cafe au lait and a little snack. I think of it as tea time - a little pick-me-up to help get through the last couple of hours of the working day. Lately have discovered the following and love:


In a large mug, I put:

~1/4 c unsweetened vanilla soy milk (West Soy)

~1/4 c unsweetened chocolate soy milk (ditto - these are UNsweetened, not artificially sweetened)

I nuke that for about 30 seconds, then use this portable milk foamer thing I got for Christmas to froth it up. I fill the rest of the cup with coffee. If I'm at home (rather than at work) and am grinding beans fresh, I'll throw some cinnamon and fresh grated nutmeg into coffee bean grinder with beans, too.


I've never taken sweetener in my coffee, but you could certainly add some.


I usually have this with one-half to one ounce of almonds and 2 or 3 small squares 77% cocoa chocolate. (My favorite is Chocolove - the only one I've found that is both DARK and DELICIOUS and does not spike me at all. The serving size I eat is less than 2 net carbs - here's what it looks like if you are wondering if your store has it: Chocolove Chocolate Bars - Extra Strong Dark Chocolate Bar - the company is in CO so maybe if you're in the West you can find it - my Whole Foods carries it.)


My tea-time is one of those little things I look forward to every day, and makes up for some of the other times I can't indulge in what other people are passing around.

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I am doing this, too, since I changed my work hours and get home around 4:15. I typically have a cup of coffee and a minute muffin!

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