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Marijuana and Diabetes

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Like Lex said, I agree this is more a "conservative issue". I may be wrong about the "Christian referrence". It's just that I hear too often of them complaining about "moral issues" even including porn and also cursing, homosexuality, prostitution, and the legalization of cannabis. Of course, this doesn't mean they don't do this themselves. Some just preach it. :stupido:


....But in any event, it was quite interesting to hear that the Queen did it herself!


WE had a president do it...Except he didn't inhale.



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I smoke ganja daily and I've been a T2 since November 2006. Usually 2-4 hits per night (equivalent to a bowls worth). I have searched the internet and found an article from a reputable source that states smoking marijuana can actually prevent diabetic retinopathy. Here's a link to the article.


Defeat Diabetes: Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy

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