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A better roast beef sandwich

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I was feeling a bit adventurous today in the food department. This is probably at least partially due to talking to a friend who is a French Chef. So instead of my normal sauted veggies and a hunk of meat, I thought I'd try to punch it up a bit.


First off, I made some mayonnaise using palm old and added a bit of Cayenne pepper, white pepper and garlic vinegar to give it a nice flavor. Then I took a bit of my wife's wonderful tender roast beef that she cooked for Sunday lunch and made an omelet. My thinking was to do a roast beef sandwich omelet. It turned out wonderfully.


A two egg omelet with a couple of tblsp of palm oil mayonnaise, Parmesan cheese, tender, right of of the oven, roast beef and a bit of Cayenne pepper. Tasted like the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had but without the carbs in the bread.


While I was at it, I decided that the normal sauted veggies needed a change as well. So I sauted them in extra virgin coconut oil (not all that unusual) and added about a tblsp of coco nibs. I never would have thought that garlic, coconut and chocolate would make a good combination, but it was delicious.

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